and started in 1998 as a small web design team that made video game fan sites and squad websites. After dealing with a lot of the main stream web hosting services and the lack of support or performance; we saw the work we did was not done justice with slow load times and websites not always being available.

Since we could not find that hosting service that was affordable and reliable we started in 1998 mainly to host the websites we designed and for our friends and family. In 2004 after both of the founders of were honorably discharged from the U.S. Military they decided to move forward buying the first server. From that point forward has continued to grow to this day.

 After realizing was going to be successful, the decision was made to move away from specializing in video gaming websites and focus on our fellow small and medium size businesses. It was only natural to support and provide for people in the same situation as us. We ourselves need a reliable and fast website or our business will fail and we'll lose out on potential customers. is based on the same core values of the military; Honor, Courage and Commitment. We promise to uphold our end of the agreement and provide the best possible hosting solution to make your business successful on the internet. We can provide any service that is needed to be successful online today in these difficult economic times. Web hosting, web design, domain name registration, SSL certs, and consulting.

We're here to serve you, please contact us with any questions you might have.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us, we truly appreciate it!

James P.
U.S. Marine Corps - Disabled Veteran

Saul R.
U.S. Army

And the Team from

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